My name is Markus Nordström Frodlund and I am currently studying Level design at The Game Assembly in Stockholm. 

Games in all forms have been a great interest and hobby since I was little and I have always felt that I would like to work with it in the future. Especially map editors from a big variety of games such as Warcraft, Half Life, Heroes of Might and Magic and Starcraft. 

After high school, I started looking at educations that matched my interests and researching which area would suit me best. I attended courses in 3D graphics, animation, computer music and programming in different languages. I later chose to pursue a higher vocational education in Front-end development for two years and gained extensive knowledge in web design and development but also to work and collaborate with others. After graduation I started to work as a trainee at various companies, but felt that I was more interested in working with game development rather then web development. 


Email: – Phone: +46(0)70 51 88 073 

: Markus Nordström Frodlund