Tropical Open World

Open world was an assignment during the course Advanced Level design. The task was to create a large area with focus on exploration, where atleast one hub area should be a central part of the experience. The scale of the area had to be large enough to take in consideration to have options of fast traveling.

  • Perspective: Third person
  • Development time: 4 weeks (4h / day)
  • Focus: Level design, worldbuilding and environmental design
  • Tools: Unreal Engine 4.25

Level overview

During the assignment I began to construct the hub and setting the pathing out from it. The three paths that lead from the hub were ment to be all as unique as possible. One that follows the shore line with views out over the ocean, another that stretched though the dense tropical forest of the island and the last one through the mountain passage around the island. To make sure backtracking and getting between the different areas worked out well, I made sure some crossroads between them were always avalible. The difference between the two grey areas on the overview is that the darker one is reflecting cave systems that the player can venture into. While the light grey area represent visable cliffs and mountains.